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Training + Mentoring Program

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Training + Mentoring Program

Manage 'New Normal'

The current business scenario is characterized by being in an environment VUCA : Volatile,Uncertain,Complex,Ambiguous. 


Organizations must learn to coexist with the competitive pressure of the sector and develop comprehensive and coherent strategies to respond to the sociocultural, technological, political and organizational changes that are coming our way.


To survive in an uncertain future you have to start working in the present, and better do it as soon as possible!

Your professional revolution begins today.

Know the keys to adapt to the VUCAenvironmentand implement them in your organization or your project!


2 hours per week

Mentoring included



Barcelona 2021


€ 1,200




¿Qué es DMBA?

What is 'New Normal' Management?

This program will provide you with the strategic skills necessary to face the real problems that hotel and tourist accommodation companies suffer today. You will establish criteria for qualitative and quantitative analysis , designing alternative scenarios and making decisions for decision making.


This program includes weekly mentoring, where we will see real examples of step-by-step implementation for your project and that of your colleagues. In the same way, you will learn to implement the actions in any organization or project.


It is structured in the following blocks:

NEW ERA with Challenges and Objectives to be achieved for different accommodation scenarios

SWOT Analysis , follow-up and step-by-step of a comprehensive scorecard .

Forecast of Income and Expenses through Profit and Loss Statements applied to Short term Rental businesses.

Real implementation in your personal project through group mentoring.

Why choosing our program?

Unlike the programs in the rest of the market, we accompany you throughout the process, applying solutions to your own problems and with your own business data.


We have:

People: A group of collaborators with the same concerns as you.

A Networking for life.

Live Ad-Hoc Online Mentoring: Essential to boost your project .

Access to 'Alumni': with discounts on upcoming courses, access to recordings and much more.

Business implementation mentoring: Once your project is defined, a crucial part to achieve success: implementation.

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Real business solutions

Through the study of different practical cases, the student will have the opportunity to gain a foothold in the management and leadership knowledge currently required by companies in the sector.

Soluciones de negocio ABAL Academy

CH Apartments

Aparthotel in Seville

"They helped us from scratch. A close, dedicated and attentive team. A complete success."

Soluciones de negocio ABAL Academy

Sitges Group

Vacation Rental in Sitges

"They take care of the maximum detail, the best moment for the sale at the best price".

Soluciones de negocio

Teachers and Collaborators

It's not just what you learn, it's who you do it with. Leaders in all areas of the business with whom you will discover where the Tourist Accommodation revolution is moving.


Alexis Barceló

CEO - ABAL Consulting

Colaboradores de ABAL Academy

Industry professionals

OTA'S / Hoteliers / Consultants ...

Profesores de ABAL Academy

Associate professors

Professors associated with ABAL


Student Profile

This program is especially aimed at future managers:


  • Director of Hotel or tourism companies

  • Commercial Director

  • Revenue manager

  • Tourism marketing and operations consultant

  • Entrepreneurs of tourism companies

  • Hotel, hostel, B&B or Vacation Rental Properties Owners

It aims to give the keys to the students so that they are able to know how to operate and make a real forecast of the operation of the properties they are in charge of or intend to open.

Perfil del alumno

Training given in:

ABAL Academy imparte clases en UAB
ABAL Academy imparte clases en UAB
ABAL Academy imparte clases en EAE
ABAL Academy imparte clases en OSTELEA
ABAL Academy imparte clases en CETT
Estudiantes universitarios en el corredo
ABAL Consulting colabora con ABAL Academy

Each property is unique, our way of marketing it, too!

We are specialists in comprehensive management of the hotel business and Vacation Rental Properties. We are a consultancy with a unique approach to Pay for Performance that allows tourism establishments to predict customer demand, maximizes income and profits from the combination of experience in the hotel industry and easy-to-use tools, coaching and processes.

With more than 16 years of experience in the hotel industry, we are the "ABAL" of your Short Term accommodation property to achieve a guaranteed increase in profitability.

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